Friday, September 17, 2010

Quilting Adventures - Boerne, TX

I have just finished teaching a three day workshop for Quilting Adventures organized by Alice Kolb and Barbara Quinby in Boerne, TX. It was held at the lovely Ye Kendall Inn in town. I stayed in fabulous little log cabin called the Waco House.
I had 20 very creative ladies in class. They worked very hard designing a quilt which had special meaning to each of them. We are hoping to organize a follow up class in January. They are planning to work on appliqueing them in the next few months and then come back and spend 2 full days embellishing.
As you can see each participant has a great start. I am so looking forward to seeing the finished pieces. When I returned home I was missing a couple of photos. I would be very grateful if anyone in the class could email me a picture of Alice and Ann's pieces as well as a clearer picture of Susan's.
Have fun creating over the next few months and many thanks to all of you for making my stay such fun.
Today Marina and Daryl from Quilt Inspirations has featured my Magnolia Quilt on their blog. Take a look they have featured many interesting quilts.
I am leaving today to teach at Wool Gatherings in Eureka, MO. I am looking forward to another creative group.
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  1. I really enjoy seeing each class that you teach to see how they interpret the design. It will be so nice to see how they finish and the diversity of each piece.. Beautiful work..

  2. Fabulous work, it will be great to see it all again in a few months time...

  3. Hi Sue, That log cabin is simply gorgeous. Love all the different projects especially the ele one. Have you seen our new baby boy, born soon after you were here in Melbourne soooo cute. (pics on my blog) Happy stitching. Chrisb

  4. I think it's the animals in the work that appeal to me the most. And wool is so wonderful - the felted species, I mean - because you can cut the shape and not lose the subtly of line. I want the log cabin. Reading you always makes me feel uncomfortably unsatisfied with myself - I want to do more. Good, or bad, I keep coming back.

  5. Thank you so much for posting all of those great photos! I have never cared for wool, felt, folk art, etc....until lately. The more of your work I see the more inspired I get. In fact, I even have a fabulous etsy seller I use to buy my felt from. It's called feltonthefly and her felt is absolutely stunning! And after looking at all of these great photos I'm wanting to go try making some leaves; I love the variety I see here and it really inspires me to try learning new techniques. Thanks again!

  6. Fabulous idea to do the classes seperated by a few months. Does this mean you can back to Australia in Feb??? please please