Thursday, May 10, 2012

We Have Moved - New Blogs and Website

I am delighted to announce the launch of our new website and my new blog.
Visit -  Sue's blog at
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These can all me viewed through my new website.
Creative Stitching

Monday, April 30, 2012

Quilters Paradise - Clovis CA

I am home for a couple of days so hope to catch up on all my travels.
Early in April I headed to sunny California to teach at Quilters Paradise in Clovis. I taught two classes, a one day class embellishing my Sew Your Seeds NeedleKeeper and a two day class appliquéing and embellishing my Pomegranate Table Rug . 

The students enthusiastically worked with ribbon stems attaching them with various couched stitches, velvet leaves and needle turn appliqué.

We also used a variety of stitches using different threads and beads to make each piece unique.

I only use 5 different needles for handwork and always have a needle case on hand to store each variety on a different page. I also suggest that my students make a little label for each page. This helps to keep them in order until they become familiar with the needles and there uses.

We used a variety of textural fabrics for the background of the Table Rug adding ribbons and cottons for texture.

Many students used our ribbons for the stems adding color and variety to each piece.

It was fun to have two day class as each student had time to start embellishing with stitches. We used many different threads each adding different textures.

Fron here I travelled to Sierra Guild in the Foothills.
Happy Stitching

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happenings in April - Whitehorse, Yukon Canada

Earlier this month I flew north to Whitehorse in Canada. There was still quiet a lot of snow but the weather was pretty mild.

I spent a lovely few days teaching my new sewing roll to a very enthusiastic group of sewers.

We worked with hand dyed velvet, wool and cottons and embellished with ribbons and loads of lovely stitches.

As this was a three day class most of the students got a really good start to their pieces.

The room we created in was very spacious with good lighting and just a short walk to town.

Thanks so much Joanne and Kathy for taking such good care of me.
Happy Spring to all

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bitterroot Quilters Guild - Hamilton, MT

Happy Easter

Earlier this month I spent a day teaching and lecturing in Hamilton, Montana. I was surrounded with enthusiastic gals wanting to uniquely embellish leaves.

We used Chenille, Silken Perle, Seagrass, Silk thread, Perle Cotton and Dazzle thread in wonderful colors and textures to stitch fun stitches around and onto of our leaves.
Rose brought her Crimson Tweed quilt to share with me. She did a lovely job and now is a proud owner of a finished wool quilt.

Many of the gals used unique placement of their leaves.

I love this new wool we have. Wendy has found some very interesting textures for us to play with. The Bullion Knots were stitched with one of my favorite varigated colors of Silken Perle thread.

Many thanks to all for making me feel so welcome.
Keep up the great stitching!