Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Amitie, Melbourne AU

It was great to see my wonderful friend Jenny Kingwell on our arrived in Melbourne. She owns a delightful store Amitie which is full of the most amazing collection of very carefully hand picked fabrics from Japan, Liberty of London and America. She also has a great collection of silk screened fabrics from local gals in Australia.
The first two days were free days and we spent the first day at the coast with Jenny then the second doing our last bit of shopping in Melbourne.
It was a bit of a raining day so we spent the morning shopping on the streets around our hotel then we took the tram into the city. I just love Melbourne it is full of very interesting shops filled with very arty things.
I then taught for the next three days. Firstly a two day class of my leaves. It was a great group of students. They were very creative and worked with all sorts of fibers making very unique pieces.
Jenny (in that very lovely polka dot top) was even able to spend a little time perfecting her stitches. It was great to have Simon in the class as well as.
I love the silk screened background used in this sample as well as the added bird and flowers to the piece below. This block is from my Ginger Grove Quilt was shared by one of the students.
The second class was my Great Needle Roll. A variety of background fabrics were used. Many used ribbons for their stems as well as silk velvet and hand dyed wools for the applique.
I love the combination of fabrics that Jan from Barnawartha used in this bag from my 'Urban Sacs' book. Look at the label. Fabulous!
Melissa and I had a wonderful time in Australia. Many thanks to all that made the trip such a success and for all kind and creative people who went out of there way to make us feel so welcome. I hope our paths cross again soon.
Take care
Creative Stitching


  1. What beautiful examples and photos! It's wonderful (as it must be for you) to see everyone's interpretations of your designs!

  2. Great pictures, looks like many learned lots.. I really appreaciate the lovely stitches knowing how it is not easy at first.. The ladies and gentleman really brought those leaves to light..

  3. I was going to say, the leaves could easily double as bird wings. But then I see a bird with just such a wing on one project. How I love looking at these examples. Fires me up, every time.

  4. Hi Sue, Thank you so much for your generosity and friendship during my two days at Amitie. I have done lots more leaves. Can't figure out that double knot stitch though, hope Jenny has mastered it! Happy stitching to you. Chris b.

  5. Australia seems to be very inspiring...the colors, the birds and flora and the architecture. thank you so much for sharing it since I will probably never get a chance to go there...but I'm not giving up on that dream! The people are SO creative and their leaves were beautiful and so was that bag! Safe travels home!

  6. I so enjoy seeing pictures of your trip and the workshop.
    Love the trees with the leaves, wonderful piece.


  7. I had an absolute blast at the class Sue, thankyou so much for coming to Australia, and hope we see you again soon!

  8. What a wonderful trip you had and what a great job your students did with their projects! I can't wait until the end of this month to see you in Arkansas at the Rabbit's Lair! YEAH! I get to take your class. Can't wait!

  9. Sue - thank you for your kind words and patience. Was so much fun, I am still plodding away with the leaves. Must learn some new stitches.