Sunday, February 19, 2012

Beach City Quilt Guild - CA

I have just returned from a few days in sunny California. I taught a two day leaf class at Beach City Quilt Guild. I love teaching multiple day classes as my students get time to really embellish their pieces with multiple stitches using different threads and ribbons.

We used multiple #8 variegated threads. I am always intrigued by the way these stitch up. You get a really textured look with not too much effort.

We also work with our new Dazzle thread. This thread has a very different texture. It is a thicker thread and looks like little beads when you stitch with it. We have a few colors online and each month we will be featuring a 'New color of the month' February's color in Midnight

We talked about fussy cutting words and fun fabrics for layering on leaves. There are so many wonderful fabrics to embellish leaves with.

One of my favorite organic looking threads is seagrass. I love the flat broad stitch you get when stitching with it.

We all worked with hand dyed velvet learning easy techniques for needle turn appliqué and also embossing the velvet with rubber stamps.

Beading was also explored using the wonderful #24 silk threads I love. These come in an abundance of vibrant colors.

 Also the Fly stitch using Dazzle thread.

The class was held at Sewing Party in Laguna Hills Cecile the owner has a great eye and the store was filled with a wonderful selection of eclectic fabrics. She made us feel very welcome as we nested in her classroom for two full days.

Many thanks to all the members of Beach City who took such good care of me. I was treated to wonderful seafood, great scenery and lots of sunshine.
I hope each one of you enjoy the journey of stitching on your samplers.
Take care

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sunny CA and Snowy Ohio

I just spent 6 wonderful days in sunny California with my Mom and Dad. We visited the Mission at San Juan Capistrano on our way to La Jolla. I loved the simplicity and color of the art work on the walls of the church at the mission.

The small Serra Church was also decorated with wonderful painted walls and ceiling.

It was a pity that it poured with rain the day we visited. I did manage to take this great picture of the trunk of one of the trees on the grounds when the rain stopped for a few minutes. Amazing texture and color.

A little fun with Mom and Dad, they were good sports.

We then drove to La Jolla and were planning to travel all around the area. We must have needed a good sunny break as we settled into seaside life walking and taking in the ocean air and did not budge from this place for 6 days. The sea and bird life was amazing. We spent many hours watching the sea lions, harbor seals and array of birds in the area.

 We even took in a great sunset on our last evening.

I returned to Ohio and was welcomed with snow and an abundance of work. It is so good to be able to teach on the West coast in the middle of our Ohio winter. It sure makes it easier to deal with.

This week I return to CA to teach for Beach City Quilt Guild. Life is Good!
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