Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New York City

What a whirlwind of a couple of weeks. I visited Prairie Star Quilt Guild in Chicago and it was good to meet new faces and share my passion of creating.
On my return Aimee, Jason and I flew to NYC to visit Andrew. It was great to see how well Andrew has adjusted. I know I have definitely lost him to the big City! I always look at it as one more place to visit and explore. We packed in many visits to Museums, shopping and dinning at many ethnic restaurants. Jason bought a new camera and spent much of the time documenting the graffiti in the city.
I am always amazed at how much creative energy is in NYC. I always find inspiration for new projects. If only I had the time to create everything in my head.
Creative thought
We live such busy lives and have lost sight of our environment. We are surrounded by inspiration in our daily lives and if only we took a few minutes a day to develop these thoughts.
I always try to encourage my children as well as my students to take a little quiet creative time daily to journal and use their hands to create.
I know for myself I am a much more contented person if I get a little quiet time daily. I am always amazes at what I accomplish creatively if I take the initiative.
I have enjoyed carrying a journal as well as a camera with me. You never know when you will be inspired. These images can then be used as a spring board for your own work.
I work primarily in hand dyed wool and love to add textural fabrics to my pieces. Two of my three new books are back from the printer. Flowerbed and Folklore. We have also kitted each of these quilts for your convenience.
I do encourage each of your to put your own spin on my patterns. Use these as a spring board for your own creative journey. I am enjoying embellishing and this can truly make it your own piece.
Tomorrow I am off to Prairie Pioneer Quilt Guild in Grand Island, Nebraska to teach two of my patterns. Time to pack!