Teaching Arrangements

Optimal class size for each workshop is 20 students.  A maximum of 25 students can be accommodated, with an additional charge of $20 for each student in excess of 20.  The number of people attending lectures/trunk shows will be determined by the size of the room/hall in which the event will be held.
After receiving a request for a teaching/lecturing assignment I work closely with each client to select the workshops and/or lectures that will meet the needs of the client and the client’s customers/members.  When we have agreed all the details I submit a Teaching Agreement for the client to sign that ensures we are both on the same page and are clear about our respective commitments. 
The teaching Agreement sets out the following:
the number of workshops
the length of each workshop
the dates on which the workshops will be held
the fees to be charged

My current fees for a day of teaching are as follows:

$700 in 2012
$725 in 2013
$750 in 2014

My fee for a lecture/trunk show is $400
In addition to fees the following expenses will be charged:
an airline ticket or mileage at the IRS rate in effect at the time
shipping/baggage/overweight fees, for quilts and materials to be used in workshops, lectures/trunk shows
airport parking
mileage to and from the airport at the IRS rate at the time of the event
lodging and meals
taxi and other ground transportation
shipping of samples
In the event of cancellation, no teaching fees will be due provided cancellation is notified not less than sixty days prior to the date the services were due to be performed.  The cost of ordered kits, shipping and any non-refundable travel costs will be invoiced.  If the services are cancelled less than sixty days prior to the due date, the full fees including teaching fees, kits, shipping and any nonrefundable travel costs, will be invoiced.