Monday, June 27, 2011

Atlanta - East Cobb Quilters Guild

I just returned home from a wonderful few days in Atlanta, Georgia. I taught 3 full day classes which were all full to capacity and shared my passion at the Guild Meeting where I talked about my quilting journey and shared my quilts.
The first day was my 'Flower Vase' altered texture class. It is such a creative class and each student were encouraged to layer and embellish using their own unique techniques. I was amazed at how well they all progressed.
We fussy cut fabrics and used our Chenille and Seagrass to embellish flowers
Did fun stitching on leaves
Used great fabrics on the vase
Couched yarns
Attached ribbons for stems using French knots
A few students share their pieces at the Guild Meeting
Played with silk rayon velvet
Attached beads using our 24wt silk thread
Embellished with Seagrass and Valdani threads
Used ribbons and buttons
Organza ribbon to make a dimensional flower
Our mini pom poms used to add texture to this flower
Embossed silk rayon ribbon
Layering of stitches on this leaf
Fun use of variegated #8 Valdani thread
The second day I taught my 'Nifty Notes' journal. We used my kits but I encouraged each student to embellish theirs using different stitches. On my return Kathy Collins had already sent me a picture of her finished project. She quilted hers and added a few extra stitches.
If you would like one of your own to keep yourself organized kits are available on my website.
Heather Kosbab also had a completed project!
One of my students played around machine stitching using our Genziana wool thread.
More stitching and beading
Wendy my sister and I have two new lines of ribbons from Renaissance Ribbons. I am starting to use them on many of my own projects but I love the use of the 'Folk art Flower' and 'Animal Train' ribbons on these projects.
More uses of ribbons
Embellished flowers
and stems
They all made a wonderful start to a unique piece. My classes were so well received I have been asked to return to teach a two day workshop in 2014. Thanks everyone for making me feel so welcome.
I was also delight as many students shared projects they had completed using my patterns. Barbara Barnes finished my Peony Bloom pincushion.
Jan Cunningham made my 'TeaberrySac' adding some of her own embellishments.
She also completed my 'Silk Road' quilt adding her unique touch.
This pattern is available in my 'Contemporary Folk' book along with kits on the website.
Paula Wexler also shared her Teaberry Sac.
My fingers itch to stitch when I return from teaching embellishment classes. Oh how I love to hand stitch!
Keep creating