Saturday, September 4, 2010

Night in Sydney

Melissa and I spent a lovely night in Sydney before moving on to Melbourne. We stayed close to the Rocks which is very close to the Sydney Harbor.
In the morning before flying to Melbourne we were able to take a tour of the Opera House which was amazing. The views from the inside are spectacular.
On to Melbourne.


  1. Thanks for those wonderful peeks of the Opera House, I always wondered what it was like inside??

  2. Wow. I'd never seen anything but the across the water views of the structure. That one of the stairs - glass, angles - striking. Almost a little overwhelming. From what I see here, the building itself seems to sing -

  3. Thank you for the "insider" views! I've only always seen the outside...never the inside..thank you. What a cool vacation/teaching tour!

  4. Thanks, for those photos it is nice to see opera house inside picks.
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  5. Awesome pictures, thanks for sharing! Wondering if "we" can get a hold of a piece of the silk screened trees to appliqué leaves onto?