Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy 4th of July - Wonderful Student Work

Three Flags 1958 Jasper Johns Whitney Museum of Art New York Happy 4th of July. It is amazing it is a cool day here in Ohio. I am packing for my trip to Sisters Oregon. I love teaching there and am very excited abut the featured guest speakers this year. Right up my ally! I am teaching for 5 days so it has taken my two days to get organized and once again I am loaded. I have a very early flight in the morning and a couple of lay overs so I am planning lots of hand work. I have met many of my student that have completed my patterns so I decided to post lots of their pictures. Karmen Sunshine sent me these pictures of her Michelle Pillow. It is wonderful and I love the back. It is always fun to have a complete project. It will make you smile when you turn it over.
Robin Wallace I believe has made 3 different Savannah Bags from my "Urban Sac" book. I love her colors and the fabrics she used. This is a great little messenger bag.
Here is a great version of my Robyn Run the Hedge quilt. It was made and machine quilted with a variegated thread by Deb McCurnin from Mission, KS.
Hope you all have a fun filled 4th.
Creative Stitching

Primitives of the Midwest - Day 3

I am so excited about the new SEWN website which just launched in Australia. My good friend Sarah Fielke is the creative director and she has just featured me as the quilter of the week. Please explore the website and down load my free pattern. They offer many exciting up dated articles and quilting information. I just returned home from Primitives of the Midwest. I had a wonderful time and want to thank Rita and all her staff for making me feel so welcome. My last class was a leaf embellishment class. It was fabulous and each student explored many different stitches, textures and fibers. I am very excited to be offering this as a class in the future. We used hand dyed wool, cotton, taffeta silk and velvet along with beads, threads and hand dyed yarns.
Each student learnt many new stitches and we also found a couple of new ones to experiment with.
I am sure their quilts will now be embellished with new and exciting stitches.
Many of my students shared their interpretation of my patterns. I always love to see them and if cause I photograph them so I can share them with all of you.
Here is Judi Riley's version of my Saffron Needle Roll.
I am now busy getting the newsletter done for July. Don't forget to visit the website in a couple of days for all the new updates. We have a couple of new kits I know you will love.
Creative Stitching

Prmitives of the Midwest - Day 2

Wednesday night was the PJ party at Quilters Station with demos from the teachers. Here is the Ohio clan who won the 'best PJ' contest. I am so proud to be an Ohioan!!! Lynda Hall was entertaining and as you can see fun was had by all. Rita and he staff at Quilters Station go all out to make this event so memorable. I love to be able to visit with all the teachers and get to know them personally. I have spent most of the week with Renee Plains and Jo Morton they have been great company.
My second class was my little quilt Red Clover. We worked with hand dyed wool, silk and velvet along with ribbons and embellishments. It is always fun to see the same blocks made up in different colors.
I feel very privileged as Renee Plains had a day off and decided to take my class. I love the softer shades of her block above.
As you can see we embellished with different fibers. I always say you do not need much of each fiber just a great selection. I just love to see how each student interprets the images.
Here is the Saffron Needle Roll made by Cathie Lazor from Ohio. This is one of my favorite needle roll patterns. It looks great in all colorways. Thanks Cathie for sharing.
Today I am not teaching so this is a wonderful opportunity to catch up. It is unbelievably hot here so I will be staying indoors and stitching.
Creative Stitching

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Primitives of the Midwest - Opening Night and Day One

What a great opening to Primitives of the Midwest here at Quilters Station in Lee Summit Missouri. Jennifer from American Patchwork and Quilting magazine opened the Monday night program. She had us all in stitches and shared many of the quilts from upcoming issues. Just a heads up they are featuring me in the October issue which will be on sale in August. Today I got a preview of the article. What a great job they have done!
I will be here all week. I am so happy we are teaching indoors as it is 100 degrees with incredible humidity! My fist class was from my Urban Sacs book, the Vintage Duffel. We worked on applique, logcabin pockets and assembly.
It was wonderful to see the students using different embellishments, ribbons and textural fabrics.
The other treat was that Barb Thatcher who took my Folklore quilt last year returned with a complete project that she had done some great embellishment on. I just love seeing how my patterns are interpreted and how each individual makes it there own.
She really embraces our hand dyed velvet. Look at these great birds in the tree!
She also made a fun flower garden at the base of her tree.
As you know I am very partial to Japanese fabrics. I love the way she fussy cut the bird fabric for her corner blocks.
I have the day off today so I am catching up and going to do a little stitching. Tonight we have a JP party at the store and I will be demoing my new wool thread 'Genziana' which I love.
Creative Stitching

Friday, June 12, 2009

One More Celebration - Graduation

I find it hard to believe that my baby has graduated from High School. It only seems like a few years ago that she was starting Kindergarten. It was fabulous to have all four children home for 10 days. It has been a couple of years since we were all together. It was great to see them all grown up and such good friends. Aimee is planning to go to college and do physical therapy. I wish her lots of luck!

Aimee's Graduation was followed by celebrating with family and friends.

My Monday morning Folklore group has been very busy working on applique and embellishments. These two pieces are fabulous and Carol and Jane went all out trying all sorts of different stitches as well as fibres. I can't wait to see them quilted!

Take care and Creative Stitching Sue

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Catching up is hard to do

Its hard to believe after our very tough winter that spring has sprung, gone away and come back again for a few more days before the final blast of summer heat stays for good. We have an active garden at the moment with both wildflowers and cultivated flowers blooming. Birds are everywhere building nests and raising young and even a rubber boa came to visit. The only bird that has a bad name around here is the beautiful Flicker and once again he has created a wonderful nesting site inside our chimney for this little sparrow who has proceeded to get stuck inside the drywall. Nothing a reciprocating saw wont fix and one more household repair job to add to list. We must love birds!
The mailman has delivered some great goodies this week, a nice change of pace from the usual bolts of wool and first up is Jennys block of the month that Sue and I signed up for while we were in Melbourne. Whats one more project, right Sue? It really is a lovely block of the month and Sue and I both loved it. Her choice of both fabrics and design is delightful.
Next came this from Sarah. Thank you so much, I will treasure it. Sarah's quilt Charlotte Sometimes struck a nerve with me. That beautiful black background with those eye popping colors. Perhaps its the old photographer in me but I do think its a beauty. Another project to add to the list! It is just as well I managed to finish this quilt top that was started in Brandon and Kaffe's workshop last year in Sisters. Down to the back and off she goes. Thanks Brandon for nudging me down a road less traveled. I love it.
And speaking of roads not traveled I recently created this much belated birthday gift to a dear friend who has traveled with me before. Made using
A view of the cover and a couple of the inside spreads.
And of course I cant forget the main attraction, the pots have been busy, wool for kits and plaid bundles and luxurious velvets. Those doing the block of the month will get to enjoy those scrumptious greens.
Now that a few things have been accomplished it is time to break out the kayaks for the first time this season and enjoy a day on the water. I was going to say rest and relaxation but who am I kidding, its a 7 mile paddle first time out. It should be interesting and I cant wait!
Thinking of you all.