Thursday, May 5, 2011

Workt By Hand - Tipp City Ohio

I have just spent a wonderful few days teaching with my friends Sally, Alice and Melissa at our annual retreat 'Workt by Hand' in Tipp City, Ohio. We did a great amount of prep work for the retreat and I was delighted as my daughter Aimee offered to do all the baking for us. She made 8 different cookies and three different cupcakes all from scratch for our deserts for the three days.
This year our project was a bolster pillow which was to include a serpentine design. Each one of us made a pillow cover using different colors and a variety of techniques.
Alice used her spot dyes and rug hooked her ends.
I made butterflies out of the design and incorporated many stitches and textural fabrics.
Melissa added flowers and lovely velvet covered buttons.
Sally added words and bees with rushed flowers.
On Friday night we had a wine and appetizer evening at the local gallery and many of us spent the rest of the evening around the fire sipping wine and chatting. It was so good to be outdoors. This spring we have had record rain fall here in Ohio with very cool days so we have not been able to enjoy the outdoors up until now.
Sally designed the needle keeper for our Thursday night class. Don't you love her packaging of the kits! Aimee's cupcakes were also a hit.
Over the few days of the workshop it is always interesting to see all the students projects come to life. Each one starts with the original idea and uses many different techniques using variations of color and texture. Here are a few of the students projects. I can't wait to see the finished pieces.
This year we had two international students. Robyn from Australia who returned for the second time and Jan from New Zealand. I am delighted to say Jan has returned 5 years in a row.
Show and tell is always fabulous. Many show projects they have completed from previous 'Workt by Hand' retreats as well as many other interesting creations.
I always come away feeling inspired. I also love spending time with all the friends I have made over the years.
I am home for a couple of days preparing for Salt Lake City. I will be teaching for my friend Kerry prior to Quilt Market.
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  1. I love those bolster pillows, would love to make some.


  2. I am always so excited to see what is created. When I retire (24 days!) I am going to be doing some of this...

  3. Just amazing. I really hope that one of these days I will be able to come to one of your workshops (have I already said that? You see, it is at the first place on my wishlist).

  4. It's interesting to see how all these creative women appropriate patterns.

  5. The cupcake papers so darn cute! Go Aimee!!!!

  6. Beautiful work and fabulous time !

  7. Did you have to post photos of all those cupcakes? Now I am hungry. I love the serpentine idea. Can't wait to take your class here in Atlanta area this June with East Cobb Quilters.

  8. Awesome, your students are beyond talented also, must have something to do with the inspiration from their teachers.
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day.

  9. Lovely, as usual. Some of the student projects really spoke to me. So glad you keep a photo journal of these things.