Monday, May 9, 2011

The Quilt Show - #810 - 'Folkart in Fabric'

View my segment on The Quilt Show, hosted by Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims!
It will be aired for the first time today Monday, May 9th.
I will be sharing my quilts and teaching a few techniques about stitching and embellishing on wool.
Episode #810 'Folkart in Fabric: Inspiration and Technique
As one of my newsletter members, you will be able to view the show for free for one week starting Monday, May 16-22; and then during this promotional time you will have the opportunity of signing up for the 'The Quilt Show' at a 20% discount.
Here is a link to a behind the scenes slideshow taken during the taping of my show
I had a wonderful time during the taping of my show and I thanks everyone involved in making it a rememberable experience.
Creative Stitching


  1. That's an interesting media model - doing specialized class vids with folks and then presenting them as a product on line. Intrigues me. I'd like the chance to see the show - I wonder if I'm a member, though - even though I've been posting since almost the beginning. How would they know? Hmmmm. Again - how lucky/blessed/fortunate you are to be able to do what you love, and be able to teach, and know that you are sought after - what fun. What tremendous fun.

  2. I look forward to seeing the show. I haven't tried one of their shows, so this will be a good way to see what it is like and enjoy your show too.


  3. Loved the slideshow, your quilts look even more stunning, if that's possible, set up in that gorgeous house. Like that you all are without shoes, Alex is barefoot, can't help but to look at all the details. Even see some of the backs of your quilts. Well done.

  4. Wonderful show. I just loved the embellished leaves segment.

  5. Watched the show today - LOVED IT. I've been putting off working on my BOM because I wasn't sure how to do the stitches - NOW I KNOW! Thanks Sue - I love your work - please come somewhere near SC to teach!!! :)

  6. Sue,
    Great photos of your session and I can't wait to see it next week. I LOVE working with wool and embroidery and thanks for coming to Des Moines last January

  7. I loved the trailer!!! Can't wait to see the show and I may take advantage of the 20% off and join! I miss 'Simply Quilts!'


  8. Hi Sue,

    Thank you for the free viewing. I really enjoyed watch you do your work and talking about your inspiration. I am in the process of making my version of your magnolia quilt and have only completed three blocks so far. Now all I want to do is keep sewing.