Saturday, May 14, 2011

Quilt Retreat - SLC

I have just taught a three day retreat for my friend Kerry Green here in SLC. We had a full class of very creative students all creating a wonderful piece using my 'Tree - Travel Journal' theme.
Many of the students have taken classes from me before and I was delighted to see all the show and tell they brought to share.
Above is Debra's quilt from my new book 'Crimson Tweed'
This is Marianne's variation on my Magnolia Quilt.
Here is Judy's Silk Road from my Contemporary Folk book.
And Kerry's Magnolia.
The class was held at Pioneer Hall. We had plenty of room to spread out.
Last year they worked on my bird and berries quilt. Hers is Debra's wonderful piece.
There were so many variations of the Journal Quilts started in this class many with wonderful stories.
This is Jane's quit from last year. Many students brought these to continue embellishing.
It was a wonderful class and very inspiring.
I am now at Quilt Market in SLC.
Will post new and exciting things soon.


  1. Hi Sue, I have watched your show on the Quilt Show twice up to now. I can tell you now that it has really inspired me. I am sure going to have a go. I am english but live in Crete, Greece and quilting stuff is not easy to get out here, so most of my work is done in scrap recycled materials. Of which I have loads. I will send you a picture of my efforts in due course. I just love it.

  2. WOW!!!! What more can I say

  3. Thanks for sharing the photos as they are so inspirational! I love the folksiness of the pieces with all the textures, colours and layering. The embellishments are amazing and they make me want to stay and just 'stare' at the work.

    I love to do hand applique but have mainly worked with cottons and some felt off the bolt. I am going to have to add to my stash though because I can hardly wait to try one of your patterns Sue!

  4. Sue, how wonderful that you planted a seed in so many of us and allowed each to grow it our own way!I am always amazed at the different takes on everyone's work....Only a teacher as inspiring and freeing as you could make it happen! And I thank you!
    I love the journal quilts...mmm..maybe I need to work on one of those???

  5. Okay. Maybe i'm not so sad I couldn't make it up there this week. I'd have felt - umm - dull and stodgy. I'm pretty sure. The stunning detail in these pieces indicates staggering imagination and some brilliance. I'd have been lost, I'm afraid, deer-in-the-headlights in a room full of that kind of energy. The pictures teach me a great deal. Maybe Kerry will do this again next year, and I can come then. If I sleep till then and wake up a little more brave than I feel at this moment.

  6. Stunning, how wonderful for us to see the creative interpretations of your work, one leaf becomes a work of art. Love the tree journal with the change of seasons.

  7. Hola Sue,soy una enamorada de sus trabajos, por eso me hago seguidora suya. Pienso que es una pena que no se traduzcan sus libros al español o al francés, en caso de hacerlo, es posible que me lo comunique? gracias. Un beso.

  8. Wonderful pieces and variations on your patterns.
    Love the creative use of materials and embellishments.


  9. These are fabulous photos, you are very inspiring! I love the birds, leaves & trees. The color combinations are wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. Such lovely inspirations!

  11. Thank you so much for all the close up photos on your blog. There is so much variety and inspiration here. I just watched the quilt show and it was marvelous! Have you considered doing a DVD with the various stitches you use? That would be a fabulous resource that I would love to have. I always forget how to do the bullion stitch so would love to have that in a demonstration I can look at any time. By the way, I'll be at a couple of your classes in Sisters this summer and in the retreat with Tonye Phillips. Can't wait!

  12. I just watched your episode on "The Quilt Show"!
    Fantastic, I enjoyed it so much!

  13. You and you students do such fabulous things. Thanks so much for sharing and thanks for a great quilt market.

  14. When are you coming to Australia? Sigh.

  15. Wow! such inpirational photos from your obviously inspired students.Thankyou

  16. Ciao,
    what a wonderful works yours and your student's!!you are my favourite quilt designer!!!and you are so busy travelling around the world.

    Ciao que maravillosos tus trabajos y los de tus alumnas!!eres mi diseñadora favorita y eres tan activa, viajando por el mundo.
    Un saludo desde Valencia, España

  17. What a wonderful vision these works are, each and every one.I love the embellishments they have chosen and the impact of the colors.. They have learned well.

  18. As an appliquer, I am very intrigued by the techniques and layering. Wow is all I can say! I'll be putting this blog on my blog roll to return again.

  19. I agree with the others, these are just fabulous! I love the trees, leaves, birds & all the embellishments. Just seeing your work is such an inspiration, I can only imagine what one of your classes would be like. Thanks so much for sharing these posts!

  20. Beautiful works of art but I am utterly in love with the Birds & Berries quilt!!! WHERE can I purchase this pattern? Please help!
    (Penny in middle GA)

  21. You have such wonderful talent. I went to a Scandinavian Folk art class a few years ago, not as lovely as your work though.