Sunday, May 22, 2011

Orvieto - Day 3

I keep finding wonderful little treasures at the convent where we are staying, from artwork to wonderful colors of inspiration.
This morning on our way to finding a good cup of coffee I was already taking pictures of all the iron work and the doors. So much to take in!
Great cappuccino!
I also bought a few Olive Wood cutting boards from a craftsman in town.
I spent the morning with Baukje, Vanelle and Mary at the Museo Archeologico Statale di Orvieto. The museum was very interesting all related to artifacts found in this area. The imagery on many of the pots were wonderful. I can see many quilts in my future especially related to my class here.
All 12 students and two husbands have arrived and Kristi and Bill had a reception for all of us this evening. Bill gave us a little tour of the convent and shared with us this wonderful Fresco which is being renovated on one of the kitchen walls of the convent.
We all had a wonderful dinner together at the Trattoria la Polomba. Then strolled around town before retiring for the evening.


  1. I enjoy seeing the places you have been visiting.
    I love gothic angels, I would probably be haunting the graveyard;)


  2. Beautiful, so much inspiration. Love the first image with the cross and the fish.

  3. Sue,
    I love seeing all the photos. What inspiration! I'm glad you found a great cup of cappuccino! I know how you love your coffee. :) I'm so jeolous! I wish I was there!
    Your new haircut is cute. Have fun!

  4. The photos are so wonderful.

  5. I love traveling with you through your blog. You've seen so much. Thanks for sharing...Susie

  6. One comment for all four posts. Please forgive. Love the new header. Adore it, in fact. As I go through these photographs, it strikes me that your first great gift is seeing. You see the small things, the shapes, the shades, the negative space, the line - but you also see the aire of the thing. I think there are some of us who share that gift, but whose hands don't afterwards shape as you do. I love most, the doorways - up stone stairs, crowned by pots of flowers and ironwork, formed from light and weather softened brick and stone. You are generous to share your eyes.