Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Orvieto Day 7

Thursday is market day in town and we all visited the market and bought wonderful fresh produce for a picnic lunch.
It was also Kori and my birthday. We were treated to delicious desserts after lunch.
The courtyard at the convent is so quiet and spacious and each day we all gathered for lunch here.
After lunch we managed a little sewing then visited a local vineyard Palazzone for a tour and a sampling of their lovely wine and snacks.
The vineyard was off the main rock of Orvieto with breathtaking views of the countryside.
Giovani the owner of the vineyard was very informative as well as quiet entertaining. I could not think of a more special place to sip wine. The view was spectacular!
This is a view of the city from where we were. It was lovely to see the Duomo and the clock tower from this view.
Spectacular day!


  1. Sounds like your having a whale of a time.

  2. Sue the photos are wonderful! What a beautiful place and I enjoyed seeing all the creations from your class!

  3. As I sit here in what still amounts to the end of winter (and tomorrow is June), contemplating the things I have to do today, I look at these pictures and contemplate what YOU do in a day. Blessings unmeasured. And you don't waste them. Good-on-ya.

  4. I can see why it's easy to be creative there, looks like an amazing place..