Monday, May 30, 2011

Orvieto Day 6

Each morning here in Orvieto I start out my day with a wonderful cappuccino made by Anthony at the Blue Bar which fortunately is close to the convent. Some mornings mom and I also have a delicious pastry. I will miss these treats!
In class all the students have started working on their design. It is great to see each one developing into a very personal piece. They cut freezer paper templates of their design and then started cutting out the fabrics which they started to applique. They are all using images that are meaningful to them. Many are of the hillside surrounding Orvieto and others of images we saw on the pottery at the museum and on the outside of the Duomo.
In the afternoon we went to one of the Etruscan caves. Orvieto sits on volcanic rock which was dug out in the Etruscan times to form hundreds of caves underground. The one we visited also had a well which was used to retrieve spring water. The caves were fascinating! They included a kiln, wine cellar and burial grounds. Many items of pottery which were excavated from the caves were on display.
Creative Stitching


  1. Fab, fab,fab!! I can't wait to see these gorgeous pieces progress. Keep up the beautiful work, wish I was there too, maybe one day......

  2. The pottery was simple but so elegant..Just imagine the hands that made it? The works in progress are beginning to take shape and it will be nice to see how it progressed.. I can see all the influences of Italy in them, I especially love the columbar trees..
    That coffee looks delicious.. yummmmmmmmmmmm

  3. Such an inspirational place to be, so much art and history to bring into new art.


  4. Me encantan los capuchinos italianos, y con diseños al momento. Besos