Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Orvieto Day 8

The last couple of days of class were filled with embellishment of small parts of each students piece. This is the most exciting part for me as each piece comes alive and truly shows the individual style of each students work.
The last day of class was bitter sweet. We all met at 6.30pm for show and share and Prosecco in the courtyard. Giovanna the nun in charge of the convent made us her famous tiramisu which was so decadent.
My mom loving her Prosseco and tiramisu.
Vanelle from Montana with her lovely piece with the Duomo and symbols she loved from her visit.
Janet from Ohio with her textural applique inspired by all the wonderful images she loved so much in Italy.
Baukje from France via Holland who loved the bird images we saw at the archeological museum.
Lynn from Illinois was really taken with all the abstract images on the gates, she is also including the lovely flowers she saw at the flower seller in town.
Mary from Illinois with her wonderful artichoke.
Kathy from Utah with her lovely textural Italian buildings
Renee from Missouri with her fun owl, snail, leaf and bird. All images of Orvieto.
Angela from Dublin, Ireland with her wonderful textural grape vines
Elizabeth from Sydney Australia with her vine and leaf design
Kori from Ohio loved the cappuccinos in the morning along with the incredible jasmine that was blooming on all the buildings.
Kathy from Ohio fell in love with the twisted vine wisteria in the grounds at the convent. She also loved the mushroom dishes that were served in the restaurants.
Carole from Illinois did a lovely landscape with the vines and cypress trees from the Umbrian countryside.
Paul Carole's husband spent his days painting the local scenes in watercolors. It was wonderful to see his paintings at show and share.
Thanks to everyone in my group for making this adventure so special. I hope you will all keep in touch and share your projects with me as you add to them over the months. You are all very special!
Our final meal was at Zeppalins and Chef Lorenzo prepared an incredible multicourse meal which we will never forget.
Saturday morning we said sad farewells to everyone as some started home and others went on to other places. This was a very special group. Thanks to all my students for all your inspiring work and to Kristi and Bill for their passion for Orvieto. If anyone has thought about doing this adventure I can highly recommend it. I will be returning to Orvieto to teach in May 2012.
Mom and I are staying on here in Orvieto for a few days then off to Venice.
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  1. Thank you for sharing the work of everyone. They're all so different. Lovely! Really makes me wish I was there!!

  2. Love your post, such creative ladies and the surroundings look fabulous:))

  3. Love all the students works of art. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time.

  4. What a wonderful class and like the addition of textures in the pieces.
    I saw the Duomo in the newsletter, really like that style.


  5. Stunning work, so much inspiration.

  6. What is wonderful about the work of all these ladies, is that it captured bits and pieces of Orvieto. Truly, these will be memory generators for years to come. Fabulous.

  7. Jealous beyond belief I am.......thank you for the wonderful visual tour. I am so pleased you had such a lovely time and with your mum also. Xxoo Jen