Saturday, March 17, 2012

National Quilt Day

As a way of celebrating, The Quilt Show(, the web TV show hosted by Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims, will "open" all of its shows from the first nine series--that is, from Show 100 through Show 913--for the entire weekend of March 16 -18th.   This means that -for three special days- everyone will have the chance to view these 117 shows, featuring some of the quilting world's leading artists, for FREE.   

As you may already know, I appeared as the featured artist on TQS inShow 810.  If you didn't have the opportunity to see this show first time around, now you'll have the chance to see it --and so many other terrific shows-- at no cost in this unprecedented three-day offer.
 The Quilt Show pic

I hope that you'll share this information with all of your quilting friends. It's a fantastic opportunity to enjoy three days of learning and fun without leaving your home...all for free.
Enjoy the shows, and thanks for helping to spread the word!

 Creative Stitching,


  1. Thank you Sue and Happy Quilting Day to you! You certainly have contributed beauty and happiness to the Quilting Community~ Pam

  2. Happy Quilting Day. Your episode was fabulous, and I enjoyed it immensely. Your body of work is so creative and exceptional in all ways. I truly look forward to seeing what you bring to the quilt world in the future. Kristy

  3. I used to love watching Alex on Simply Quilts on HGTV, had the honor of hearing her lecture and meeting her in Sisters, Or. one year. Your work is beautiful, will have to check out your episode.

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