Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stitch, Ontario Canada

In early November Cathy and I drove to Ontario Canada for my last teaching contract of the year. This little store owned by Jocelyn Chamberlain is the best kept secret in Eastern Canada! It is a haven for the creative minded beautifully decorated and stocked with a wonderful array of knitting yarn and sewing fabrics.


Jocelyn was a delight and made us feel so welcome. It was fun getting to know her and her lovely friend Linda during the weekend. In class I had 23 students for two days of creative stitching. I began with a trunkshow sharing my quilts and talked about how my travels and my life have influenced these quilts.

We spent time journalling and exploring all the possibilities for creating leaves and berries in wool quilts using a wonderful array of different stitches, threads, beads and textural fabrics.

It warmed by heart to see a version of my Ginger Grove quilt displayed in the store. A very creative student made this quilt using mainly cotton fabrics. She also took images from my quilts and made this wonderful banner.
This was a very special place to finish up my teaching for the year. Many thanks to all the wonderful students and a very special thanks to Jocelyn and Linda for taking such good care of us. I look forward to returning to 'Stitch' to teach next year.

This has been an amazing year and wish to thank my family and friends for their unconditional love and support as I continue to explore my creative path.
Take care


  1. What a gorgeous shop! And thanks for sharing all the great close up photos of beautiful stitching. Such inspiration!

  2. it has been an amazing year because you are an amazing women. The shop looks fantastic!

  3. Super lindo todo!!!!! las telas, los tapices, todo todo todo, felicidades!!!
    Un abrazo Liliana.

  4. The banner is amazing. And a perfect place to hang it. What is on the back?

  5. We have a shop kind of like that one. Walking through the door is a little like plugging yourself into a power source. Actually, that was the place where I first saw your samples. I A-DORE that banner - That's the kind of project I can do - one small, discrete piece at a time. The design is very strong, and the color is great. Donna and I both want to take a class, but seeing's as we live on opposite sides of the country, and neither of us where you are - it's a lost cause.

  6. Hello Sue, i'm from Spain,i live in Barcelona. One day i found your blog, and since that day i'm in love whit your stitches. I never done a quilt but when i see your works i wonder it. I use to do creative crochet and your blog is an inspiration for me.
    Thanks for share your work.

  7. As I live in Ontario, I would love to know where the quilt store called Stitch is located.