Thursday, February 25, 2010

Preview of Creations

I am so excited I have finished my first queen size quilt that will be published in my new book this spring. 'Robin Run the Hedge.' I created the center as a BOM a couple of years ago then went on to add a fabulous polka dot border then a 16" appliqued border. My wonderful friend and machine quilter Carol Rickard finished quilting it this week. I have now bound and labeled it and it is ready to ship to my dad for photography. An added bonus was receiving the first draft of the book from my dad this morning. It feels so good to be almost ready to send the book to the printer. As I am off to Barcelona and then to Nantes, France to teach in April we wanted the book at the printer before we left. It feels so good to be on target.
I have also been working on my projects for Primitives of the Midwest in July. I will be teaching three classes. Above is a glimpse of my Pomegranate Table Rug.
I have also finished the third in a series of projects using my CD Folk-art Dreams from the Electric Quilt Company. This Nifty Notes Journal will be posted on my website as a kit for March. It incorporates stitchery and beading.
Well my two girls Kelly and Aimee are becoming wonderful knitters. Here is Kelly's first pair of socks. Didn't she do a great job!
You may have noticed that I have add a few more creative blogs to my favorites list. The one is my son Jason's who is unbelievably creative. He is taking his first drawing class at Central Washington State and would love you to view his work.
This weekend I am off to NEORQC in NE Ohio to teach. We will be working on the Altered Texture class. I promise to take lots of photographs to inspire you all.
It is snowing here in Ohio again. I can't wait for spring!
Keep stitching


  1. Sue,
    How wonderful!! I can't wait till May for Workt By Hand !!
    Your creative energy amazes me!
    You are a family where the nuts definitely fall right next to the tree!

    Lori Ann

  2. Those socks are terrific!! Its so exciting to see another generation creating from scratch....your quilt is absolutely stunning~and it is QUEEN sized!! I cannot wait for your book! I am a huge fan!

  3. Your sneak peeks look perfect. So much wonderful detail and that for a whole quilt. Cann't wait to see the book.
    Your daughters are definitely talented!

  4. The colours in the sneak peak of the pomegranite table rug have piqed my interest in this one and the idea of a queen sized quilt, well, what can I say - awesome!

  5. You are so talented! I just love "Birds Run the Hedge. I can't wait for the book!

  6. Love what I see in the new patterns, look forward to seeing the new book. It seems your children have inherited your talent. I did visit Jason's site, wonderful artwork.


  7. Gorgeous!! Cannot wait for the new book! The socks look fab! I'm working on my second pair of socks...I love knitting them! Have a lovely trip!

  8. Oh, for heaven's sake. Here is the blog of a rock star quilter, and there are only EIGHT comments? And no guards at the gate to keep the riff raff (me) out? HURRAY!! I found your stuff hanging on the wall of the Corn Wagon in Springville, Ut and fell absolutely in passionate love with your style. You are teaching a class in my neck of the woods - but I'm too poor to take it. Still, I have two books to inspire me. I just wish your DVD was Mac friendly. You have such lovely abandon - it translates as absolute joy in life and trust in that joy. My eyes like your stuff better than the rest of me loves chocolate. Your dad is a publisher? I should be so lucky.

    Thank you for letting me see your designs - it's like seeing fireworks from inches away. When I grow up (yeah- little chance of that after 57 years on the planet), I want to be just like you!

    (love the socks, too. I could never do them. Horses, sheep, husky dogs, yes. Socks? Huh-uh. My buddy Rachel just did these socks:

    I think your daughter would get a kick out of them.


  9. Sue, your quilt is beautiful!!! And the socks your daughters made are gorgeous!!! Are you coming to Out of Hand this year? I really miss seeing Dee and the girls this year....... too much happening. I really wanted to come to the Workt by Hand but we have another wedding so I don't think it's in the books for this year.
    Have a wonderful week!
    Margaret B