Thursday, December 3, 2009

Class in my Studio

One Saturday in November a group of enthusiastic quilters came to do a private workshop in my studio. What a creative day we had sewing and creating. Each student picked a project from one of my kits and busily got to work putting their own touch on their piece. Some did large pincushions and others worked on smaller pieces. I was amazed at how much each student accomplished. The Good Wives Pineapple Pin Keeper and the Blackbird Pin keeper are finished with hand made tin pieces which are made by a local tinsmith. These definitely add a fun touch to these pieces. We filled these with lavender and play sand. The Saffron Needle Roll is also fun to do with a mixture of fabrics and embellishments. This piece is the Sew Your Seeds needle Roll which was in the October Issue of American patchwork and Quilting. It incorporated couching, beading and the use of textural fabrics. All these projects are available as patterns or kits on my website. They make wonderful gifts as well as quick and easy projects to do with friends. We have just received lots of new fabrics which will be posted on the website shortly. I can definitely see a new project in my future. Take care Keep Stitching Sue


  1. I wanna come do that Sue!!!! Merry Christmas Hope all is well...Kori

  2. The large pincushion definately fits the that's huge! Hugs Naomi