Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Big Outdoor Quilt Show - Sisters, OR

Early Saturday morning was spectacular. Just gorgeous and crisp. Sally, Gwen and I were one of many groups in town at 6.45am to help hang the quilts. Within 2 hours 1300 quilts were hung. What a feast for the eyes! On the side of the Stitchin Post all the staff quilts were hung by the firemen. I just love all the quilts they made. So colorful. Many visitors as well as the ladies from Gees Bend enjoyed all the quilts as well as two patchwork cars parked in town. It was fun to see one of my patterns 'Folklore' hanging in the show. What a great job of making this quilt her own. This quilt caught my eye being birds taken from Charley Harper paintings. It really looks like a fun quilt to make. My head is spinning. Not sure what I want to stitch next. I decided to take one large project on vacation so I have been preparing my Robin Run the Hedge borders. I am sure I am taking more than I can stitch but who wants to be without a project! Keep stitching Sue


  1. I loved seeing some of the quilts from the show.
    The one done with folklore is nicely designed, love it.
    There are a lot of nice and unique quilts, great inspiration.


  2. I've been to that show three times. The last time, we were hanging at dawn, too. Seeing your pictures brought it all back. What a feeling it was, being there - and the smell of sharp pine behind the memory.