Sunday, June 19, 2011

Teaching In early June

Cathy and I travelled to Indiana to teach at the Indianapolis Quilt Guild. A couple of my students brought projects of mine that they had previously done in class. I am always excited to see the progression of individual pieces and how they are embellished. Dawn had done my Flower Vase class as well as the Sew Your Seeds Needle Case.
I also taught my Small Bird Play. It is a fun class as you come to class with the kit appliqued then you spend your time in class layering and embellishing.
As we drove we were able to fill the car with wonderful goodies to tempt my students.
The layering and stitching of these flowers and leaves made each students piece unique.
This week I travelled to North Coast Needlers in Westlake OH. I had a full class of enthusiastic stitchers all layering and embellishing my Bird Play sampler.
Susan brought her version of my Coneflower Pillow to show me. I love the stitching she did on her piece.
We worked on Bullion Knots,
layering, combining ribbons and stitches and
the textural pistil stitches.
As well as the Fly Stitch we had fun using some of our new fabrics for layering.
It was a fun day and as and added bonus Aimee my youngest daughter assisted me and we got to spend the day together.
I gave a lecture in the evening and Sue brought her Peony Bloom and Saffron Needle Case to share. Patterns and Kits for these can be found on my website.
I have also spent a great deal of time catching up with emails and general day to day chores after being away for a few weeks. I still feel like the I have a long way to go.
I am off to Atlanta to teach for three days this week.
Creative Stitching


  1. What a great pics, so beautiful done....

  2. very beautifull!!!
    Im Argentina!!!

  3. Wow...what great projects. Thanks for sharing the photos. Hugs

  4. Oh, Sue, you are my idol!!!! I'm Argentina too!!! Hugs for you!!!

  5. someday I will actually get my application in before the class is filled...or whenever you are in Central Oregon you can stay with me... room and board/transportation...for a mini class!!!!

  6. It is amazing to see all the creative use of embellishments. I need to start thinking outside the box and start trying new things with my ribbons and laces, along with stitching.


  7. Bellisimos tus trabajos , como siempre Sue.Te invito a que mires los bolsos que hice con mis alumnas, sacando ideas de tu libro.mi blog es ""un saludo desde Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.Liliana-

  8. Beautiful eye candy, makes me want to pull my wool out.

  9. Hi,Sue
    I was simply delighted with your blog. I've never seen so colorful and unique embroidery. The way you edge is divine.
    I'm starting in the art in embroidery and I think it'll be an eternal apprentice. His blog is a source of inspiration.
    Kisses. Elaine Regina

  10. You've inspired each and every student to think out of the box, creativity, color is reflected in their work, you should be so proud that you inspire and share your talent with so many of us.

  11. Oh Sue Spargo I just love what I see!
    I would love to be teached by you, so much inspiration.. but I live in Denmark. You are so far away. :-)