Thursday, June 2, 2011

Last Days in Orvieto

The last few days mom and I spent in Orvieto were quiet but filed with wonderful visual experiences. We visited a couple of the local churches along with walking some of the back streets.
This little church is at the convent that we stayed at.
Saturday was a wedding at the Duomo. The bride was Scots and the grooms dad from Orvieto.
Mom took me to La Cocco for a birthday dinner and we had lemon gelato served in a lemon it was delicious.
Last gelato Last pear, gorgonzola and walnut pizza at our favorite pizza restaurant. It was wonderful!
Wash day in Orvieto. On Sunday evening we watch the local parishioners preparing for the Festival of the Madonna in the old district in town. They walked the Madonna from their church around town stopping at local homes to bless them.
We also visited the local ceramic museum. It was really interesting to understand what the imagery symbolized and how the colors changed over the years.
In town is a Folk Artist 'Michelangeli' I was really drawn to his style all made out of carved wood. As you strolled through the streets his work was on many streets as well as in many businesses.
The Duomo glowing in the afternoon sun
Over the weekend the Wisteria and the Magnolia tree in the courtyard of the convent started to bloom. I can't imagine what these must look like in full bloom.
The jasmine and roses in the small garden in the courtyard were so in full bloom and were so fragrant.
I shall miss this wonderful serene place. Thanks to everyone who touched my heart over the last two weeks. Mom and I were sad to leave Orvieto on Wednesday but knew Venice would be a different and exciting experience.


  1. I have enjoyed being on the trip with you.
    You not only have fun at the retreat but also find time to enjoy the local area too, and share with us.


  2. Thanks for the beautiful photos I have so enjoyed looking around town. If only I could have tried that pizza, it sounds so tasty.

  3. I love seeing the little things you see.

  4. Your photos are wonderful! Thank you so much. I'm glad you got to have a special time with your mom! And, the pizza sounded so tasty.

  5. I already miss you!!! You were such a great and inspiring teacher. This week with you all was a wonderful experience. I am so glad that i immediately signed up for next year.
    Big hug for your mum.