Sunday, June 5, 2011

Last few days in Venice

I am sure you all think that all mom and I have done while is in Venice is eat. Actually we have had one great meal each day. The seafood is amazing but not cheap.
Fresh scallops and tuna from a Beccafico in Campo Santo Stefano.
Everywhere we go you can sit and eat in the piazzas and watch the world go by. Every table has table cloths and wonderful fresh flowers. The sun has not stopped shining since we got here.
The evenings have been beautiful and everyone is in the streets visiting in the summer months.
The next day we walked to Piazza San Marco. It was hot so we had a little drink in the square at Caffe Florian. If you can believe it cost about $45. Wine was cheaper than coffee so guess what I had! Mom had a bottle of water. Snacks and music were included in the price.
The Basilica San Marco was amazing. I fell in love with the tile floors. I was not able to take any pictures but managed to buy a couple of postcards.
I have collected so much imagery that I could make quilts for the rest of my life! I am in heaven.
We had another wonderful meal at Trattoria da Fiore - this time lobster
At our hotel they have a lovely little courtyard we have had our morning cappuccinos here.
Today our last day we took a ride for a few hours on the Vaporetto around Venice. It was very relaxing and it was great to see many sights from the water.
We finished our day with a very late lunch at Acqsa Pazza in Campo San Angelo. The food was amazing zucchini flowers filled with ricotta and fresh seafood.
We have had a great time in Venice. Mom and I fly home to Ohio tomorrow. This has been a very special trip together.
Thanks for sharing our journey.


  1. Can't wiat to see how these images show up in your quiltiing!

  2. Such a beautiful place, love the way you can water taxi to different places and sitting outside. It looks like you had beautiful weather while you were there.


  3. you're trip looks lovely !!!! And so nice to do this together with you're mom. Enjoyfull last days, and thanks for all you're lovely patterns and inspirations. Greetings from a rainy holland.

  4. What a fabulous trip with your Mum, safe journey home..

  5. Thank you so much for sharing so much of your trip with us - I feel like I've been abroad! :)

    I think you should consider at least a small quilt in your signature style of the great food you had - the photos are certainly inspiring!

    :) linda

  6. Wonderful!Thanks for sharing it with us!And welcome back!