Friday, June 13, 2008

A week with Kaffe and Brandon

It is wonderful to be a student sometimes. I always get another perspective and find it very stimulating as well as humbling at the same time.
Wendy, Melissa, Michelle, Betty and I spent 5 wonderful days learning and laughing together. We stayed at a home in Sun River and spent our days in Sisters. The first day of our workshop was a hike which was enlightening as it started to make us aware of the wonderful colors that surround us. We seem to take this so for granted especially with our busy lives today. Even though it was very early in the season we still found amazing color underfoot as well as miracles in nature. This area of the country is a special place I have become very fond of my visits here. It is so different to Portland which is not that far away and is one of my favorite places to visit.
The second day was our painting class which was a challenge. We were given copies of one of Kaffe's fabrics and we had to recolor it using a famous painting as inspiration. It sounds easy but you need to know how to mix color as well as achieve a fabric you would like to put in a quilt!
The next two days were quilt days. We designed two quilts a floral and a bowtie. I was amazed to see all the varieties in the class. The best part was choosing all the borders for the quilts. Many had wonderful wild fabrics which just brought them alive.

Our final day was knitting. We were pretty worn out my Friday but still found a little energy to buy more yarn and start new projects. The one project we could not let Melissa talk us into was purchasing coffee bags to make recycled purses. She tried very hard but I am proud to say we left that project in Sisters.
The Stitchin' Post is a fabulous store, the staff are great and I was made to feel so at home both as a teacher and a student. I am delighted to be returning to teach at Quilters Affair in 2009.


  1. Mom,
    Shouldn't you be teaching?
    There's no time to be relaxing when you live in our house!!!
    love you!

  2. That sounds like a wonderful week!

  3. That's so funny about the coffee bean bags, I actually bought some on Ebay and yikes, I could never sew one, much less put anything in it and I bet I've washed them a million times, well maybe three and left them outside in the rain and it still didn't help. Enjoyed the pics of you being a student, we never stop learning. Nancy