Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gardening and Graduation

I find it very hard to focus on work and quilting when my garden starts to bloom. We have such dreary winters here in Ohio that I just love to spend as much time outside with my hands in the dirt especially when the weather is sunny. We have had a wet summer but the temperatures have been great. For once we experienced a spring and then followed by a mild summer. We normally go from winter to summer with not much good weather in between.

I am very fond of perennials and have large flowerbeds filled with color. One of my favorite things to do is sit out in the early morning with my coffee and watch the birds.

I have four children and my third child Jason just graduated from high school. Andrew and my mom and dad flew in for the celebration. It was great having everyone home.

Andrew is now back in NYC and Jason is in India. It is amazing how quickly time together passes. I am just so delighted they are all doing so well and experiencing life to the fullest.
I am travelling to Primitives of the Midwest tomorrow so will keep you posted on all the classes at Quilters Station. It will be good to see a bunch of my friends again.
Once again I am over packed, I am finding it very hard to pack with the new restrictions on baggage!

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  1. your family is PRECIOUS - you are darling . . . radiating the joy of being with them! It was great to see you and visit with you at Primitives. I will be back to see what you are up to.
    xoxx, Renée