Saturday, August 7, 2010

Killara Quilt Shop

I just spent two full days teaching at Killara Quilt Shop in Sydney. It was wonderful to have such enthusiastic students who really pushed themselves to create unique pieces. The theme was My Journal Cloth which incorporated a tree using pieced borders and applique with textural embellishment.
Many used my drawings for there birds, dogs and leaves then they used creative stitches to embellish.
We worked with hand dyed wool, silk velvets and fibers to make a one of a kind piece.
Many thanks to Carol and her staff who made me feel very welcome and really embraced the class. I can't wait to see the finished pieces.
Take care


  1. I love to see everyone's variations influenced by your designs. I'm very excited today 'cos my copy of Contemporary Folk has arrived and I can do some too. Hooray!

  2. Love Love Love images of the embellishments. I think you should do a big book on embellishments with lots of pictures and examples. I know it would be a huge hit!

  3. Really, you've got to stop. The weight of the combined guilt and yearning I feel looking at these things (OH THE DANG DETAIL> I LOVE BEADS ON LEAVES> I AM TORMENTED) is almost too much. If it only WERE too much, I'd leave. I'd tear your address out of my blog roll and run naked through the long grass, free, ignorant, innocent and weightless (ha). Unfortunately, I wuv you. So I'm stuck.

    Don't stop.

  4. I love to see all these variations and designs! Realy wonderful pieces!!! great work!!
    always a pleasure for me to visite your blogg!

  5. Love your work Sue, have been pouring over your book just love it. A friend who I have just started stitching with said on the weekend next time she comes to Australia we have to go. I said she is already here right now and we have missed it. Didn't know anyone of my crowd would be interested in going, now I do so next visit you make we are going to head there, maybe you could come to Adelaide to teach but more than likely it will mean a road trip.

  6. OH!!!! I am so inspired by your blog, classes, work and students. I think the gal that said you should publish a book is "right on"! Keep up the great work!

  7. Love your work Sue, and Owls also...

  8. These are all so lovely! Hoping to pop along to a class! (fingers crossed)

  9. What an awesome class and so many differnt interpretations. The trims and stitching was so intricate.. I love the animals and birds that they put on their projects..