Thursday, May 10, 2012

We Have Moved - New Blogs and Website

I am delighted to announce the launch of our new website and my new blog.
Visit -  Sue's blog at
           Kelly's store blog
           My website at
These can all me viewed through my new website.
Creative Stitching


  1. Sue,
    cheguei ao seu blog por acaso!!!
    Ao ver o blog da Facilececile, encontrei o seu nome e chamou-me a atenção!!!
    Vim cá visitá-la e me encantei....
    Tanto que já me tornei sua seguidora...
    Vou voltar mais vezes, com certeza!

    abraços de Maria Filomena,
    de Portugal

    PS - estou a traduzir via google tradutor

    I came to your blog by chance!
    In view of Facilececile blog, I found his name and called my attention!
    I came here to visit her and I was charmed ....
    So much so that I became his follower ...
    I'll come back more often for sure!

    Hugs Maria Philomena,
    of Portugal

    PS - I am translating through google translator

  2. Hola! Hace mucho tiempo que no se publica nada en el blog y quería saber si habéis cambiado de blog o simplemente tenéis mucho trabajo y no podéis publicar. Me encantan tus trabajos y los echo de menos. Un beso.

  3. What a beautiful design for a website! I like how you made use of the homepage. Everything that I want to know and see in a business website, especially the products, are all in the homepage. That’s a good thing because visitors don’t need to stray too far just to go to the page they want.

    >Darryl Tay

  4. Teu trabalho é maravilhoso.Parabéns!!!!
    Um abraço

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    Sue xx obat penghilang tatto

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