Thursday, January 13, 2011

Quilts to Share - Carole Crawford OR

I just have to share a note I received from Carole Crawford of Arch Cape, Oregon
"i just had to tell you about my christmas gifts to the girls that work in 3 of our quilt shops here on the coast.. altogether i made 11 quilts... they were about 36x36 some a bit large and some a bit smaller.... one of our shops creative fabrics in wheeler oregon... has started to carry some wonderful wools.... i made them each a quilt using one of your patterns and then left a lot of areas undone so they could finish them... it was such fun...and i had a hard time not to finish the quilts... they were all thrilled and i am anxious to see how they finish them.. thanks for your wonderful designs.... i am hooked.. sincerely carole crawford
"i originally was just going to make 1 quilt for one of the girls... as soon as i walked into the shop she said that's sue spargo... so i thought hmmmm christmas... as i started making it i then thought hmmm will everyone else at the shop would feel left out with just a pin cushion... so i made 3 for jane's fabric patch... then i decided i should make quilts for creative fabrics (wheeler) and there were 4 girls there... so i made smaller ones...then center diamond (cannon beach) came to mind and i knew one of the girls there would love it.. so there were 4 more... and they were such fun to make... i can't remember when i had such fun working with fabrics and wool.. and there were no boundaries.. anything i did worked! and making 11 quilts there were all different.... i got them all done the week before christmas (took me 3 weeks to make them).. now i didn't put backings on them or finish the fronts... i just did the applique of the objects and added buttons and stitches here and there... then i gave them each a quilt that they had to finish... ! they were thrilled... today i had to deliver a 4th unfinished quilt to creative fabrics as one of the girls was on vacation and we forgot about her.... so most are going to have them done and on display for our quilt hop starting feb 11th... creative fabrics (tillamook) owner doris is going to order some of your patterns and books to have on hand as we know people will want to make the quilts..... thanks again so much for your creativity and the fun patterns.. your directions are terrific... i thought i would have trouble making the little house border but it came out fine..." carole
Many thanks Carole for sharing your story and all your quilts with me. Many are from my designs and I can't wait to see how everyone finishes them. What a wonderful gift! They are all very fortunate friends. I wish I could see them on display at your shop hop.
Take care


  1. I wish that woman was my friend. I wish I were my friend enough to sit down and finally make one of these. Just looking at them makes my hands itch. I have a question. Just throwing this out to the universe - I have spent most of my life yearning to make things. I've made quilts, I've turned wood, I've sculpted tiny figures out of clay, put together felt things and fabric things and wire things, I've fused glass. I have a thousand tools and a house full of raw materials. What is it that drives me so hard to make things? I really don't understand it. I really do yearn to do it. And I think you do, too - but - why do we?

  2. The first glimpse we have of God in the Bible is of him creating. We are created in his image, therefore we are creators at our core!
    That's my story and I's sticking to it!

  3. What a wonderful gift idea and something fun for her coworkers to finish.


  4. oooo- Donna. Love it. I love a woman who will bat an idea backatcha! That makes TOTAL sense to me. I wonder if he felt as wonderful, gloating, itching to combine textures and functions and colors while he was doing it?

  5. Oh my, what a great idea for a gift and that she made so many so fast, all look fantastic.
    Nancy in MT

  6. Wow! Lucky, lucky people to receive these quilts.

  7. What a wonderfully generous and kind person is Carole!! She must be a dynamo!!!

  8. Wow. Beautiful!! Sure wish I worked at one of Carole's quilt shops. What a wonderful, beautiful, thoughtful gift.

  9. K...seems to me a question deserves an answer...but then, I am a teacher! I think I will start this conversation on my blog, too. Come on over...join in!

    And yes, I think he was enjoying himself...look at some of the crazy animals and plants we have!